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A new location, the most brutal trails so far, 5 days of mud snow and sun: CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF 2017!

Săcuieu, a large canyon surrounded by the wilderness of Vlădeasa mountains, in the center of Transylvania, just 1h from Cluj-Napoca, the largest university center of Romania and the second largest city, after the capital Bucharest, was the wolf's prey in 2017 April 3-8.

124 pilots responded to the challenge of the world's most complex and technical 4x4 ATV race. Once more, CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF retained its reputation, the tracks being heavier than ever before; a 40-70 km array of technical, exhausting, endless portions that stretched to the extreme the physics and the psyche of some of the world's best pilots: blood, mud, snow and pain!

This year was ruthless with the Extreme class, The wolf bite a large number of competitors, as a result only 18 out of 42 PILOTS made it to the finish.

The podium of the class was dominated by romanians, Radu Lungu retained his position from last year and passed his third victory to his record at CFMOTO-HUNT-THE-WOLF.

The second place is awarded by Mihai Concioiu, Authentic Spirit’s manager, through a beautiful return to the racing world after 5 years of absence.

As never before, the first three places are kept by the same pilots from the first day to the last day, so the third place returns to England's champion Steve Atkins (UK).

ro.jpg Radu Lungu final time: 00:00:00

ro.jpg Mihai Concioiu final time: 00:01:36

uk.jpg Steve Atkinsfinal time: 00:12:25

Another class with FAR HARSHER tracks than before, was Crossover.

Out of 66 pilots, only 39 made it to the finish, the race was extremely tight, with days in which the seconds separated the pilots.

Emil Szarvas (HU) passes the finish line first, with an advantage of 2 minutes in front of Tomas Kaubrys (LT), positioned on the second place, followed just a few minutes behind by Paulius Vaisneideris (LT).

hu.jpg Emil Szarvas final time: 00:00:00

lu.jpg Tomas Kaubrys final time: 00:02:12

lu.jpg Paulius Vaisneideris final time: 00:03:57

This year, the Side by Side class was combined with Adventure, A class in which so far the pilots Were accustomed with light, orientation trails.

But this year, they also received GPS tracks, which put many of them in chess, having to pass through the highest points of the massif, areas where pilots remained stuck in the snow.

On the podium this year, the germans were dethroned by the italians; the team that changed the rules, placed first was made up of Matis Petri(IT), Flavio Andreucci/Elia Guazzini (IT), Matteo Lardori/Val. Biancucci(IT), followed by Sven Uhlrich and his copilot Michael Escher(DE), the third place finisher was the romanian, Dan Slavescu, also called the "doctor" who piloted one CFMOTO Z8 EX Turbo!